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1.              Rik Peels. (2017). “Literature and Gaining Understanding by Switching Perspectives: A Case Study of Tess of the d’Ubervilles”, Summer Seminar Abraham Kuyper Centre for Science and the Big Questions, August 23rd

2.              Rik Peels. (2017). “Scientism: Assessing the Idea that Only Natural Science Provides Knowledge”, Cambridge Scholars Network (UK), July 5th

3.              Rik Peels. (2017). “Motivations for Atheism”, Cambridge Scholars Network (UK), July 4th

4.              Rik Peels. (2017). “Blameworthy Belief and a Regress Problem”, Workshop Epistemic Justification, University of Groningen, June 28th

5.              Rik Peels. (2017). “How Excuses Bridge the Gap Between Norm and Blame”, Norms and Blame, University of St Andrews (UK), June 15th-16th [invited key-note]

6.              Rik Peels. (2017). “Transparency and Expressing Ignorance”, Self-Knowledge and Transparency, University of Oviedo (Spain), June 7th-9th

7.              Jeroen de Ridder, Rik Peels. (2017). “Value Pluralism in Research Integrity”, 5th World Congress of Research Integrity, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, May 28th-31st

8.              Rik Peels. (2017). “The Scale of the University and the Existence of God”, University of Aarhus (Denmark), May 19th

9.              Rik Peels. (2017). “What Is Doubt?”, University of Southern Denmark (Denmark), May 18th

10.           Rik Peels. (2017). “Is Trusting Someone Up to Us?”, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), May 17th

11.           Rik Peels. (2017). “Asserting Ignorance”, University of Lund (Sweden), May 16th

12.           Rik Peels. (2017). “Doxastic Responsibility: An Exploration”, University of Gothenburg (Sweden), May 15th

13.           Rik Peels, Hans van Eyghen, Gijsbert Van den Brink. (2017). “Cognitive Science of Religion and the Cognitive Consequences of Sin”, Symposium Dutch Philosophy of Religion, Tilburg University, May 12th

14.           Rik Peels. (2017). “How Can We Believe Responsibly?”, Yonsei University, Seoul (South-Korea), April 5th

15.           Rik Peels. (2017). “Does the Scale of the University Count against God’s Existence?”,  Korea Theological Seminary, Anyang (South Korea), April 4th

16.           Rik Peels. (2017). “Can God Be Literally Jealous?”, Kosin University, Busan (South Korea), April 3rd

17.           Rik Peels. (2017). “Can We Choose to Trust?”, The Third Annual East-West Philosophy Forum, Chinese University of Hong Kong, March 31st – April 1st

18.           Rik Peels. (2017). “The Importance and Complexities of Believing Responsibly”, Soochow University, Taipei (Taiwan), March 29th

19.           Rik Peels. (2017). “Does Anti-Luck Epistemology Need a Virtue-Condition?”, Soochow University, Taipei (Taiwan), March 29th

20.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Being a Philosopher and Being a Christian”, Feuer Conference, November 3rd-6th

21.           Rik Peels. (2016). “The Scale of the Universe and the Existence of God”, Feuer Conference, November 3rd-6th

22.           Rik Peels. (2016). “The Epistemic Values of the Humanities”, The Making of the Humanities V, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD (USA), October 5th-7th

23.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Scientism: The New Scientific Fundamentalism?”, University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), September 27th [invited lecture and recorded as MOOC]

24.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Scientism: An Evaluation of the View that Science Is the Only Source of True Knowledge”, Cambridge Scholars Network, Cambridge (UK), July 7th [invited lecture]

25.           Rik Peels. (2016). “The Purpose of the University”, Cambridge Scholars Network, Cambridge (UK), July 7th [invited lecture]

26.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Is There Question-Begging in the Argument from Ignorance? Response to Maeve MacPherson”, Women in Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, July 1st

27.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Evaluating the Atheists’ Argument from Scale”, European Leadership Forum, Visla (Poland), May 22nd – 26nd [invited lecture]

28.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Ten Arguments for Scientism”, European Leadership Forum, Visla (Poland), May 22nd – 26nd [invited lecture]

29.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Does the Scale of the Universe Count against God’s Existence?”, European Leadership Forum, Visla (Poland), May 22nd – 26nd [invited lecture]

30.           Rik Peels. (2016). “The Epistemic Purposes of the University”, European Leadership Forum, Visla (Poland), May 22nd – 26nd [invited lecture]

31.           Rik Peels, Jeroen de Ridder. (2016). “Research Integrity and Value Pluralism”, Netherlands Research Integrity Research Conference, Amsterdam, May 25th

32.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Faith and Doubt”, Second East-West Philosophy Forum: “Humility, Faith and Science in the Eastern and Western Traditions, University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), May 19th-20th [invited key-note]

33.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Are Libertarianism and Compatibilism Two Sides of the Same Coin? Reply to Patrick Todd”, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, April 26th

34.           Rik Peels. (2016). “How Voluntary Is Trust?”, Trust and Belief, University of Cambridge (UK), April 12th-13th [invited key-note]

35.           Rik Peels. (2016). “Defining and Defending Common Sense: Response to Noah Lemos”, Science Versus Common Sense?, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, January 25th

36.           Rik Peels. (2015). “Scientism and the Argument from Self-Referential Incoherence”, OZSW Conference, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, December 11th-12th

37.           Rik Peels. (2015). “The Self-Referential Incoherence Argument against Scientism”, University of Southern Denmark, Odense (Denmark), November 11th

38.           Rik Peels. (2015). “Does God Have a Sense of Humor?”, European Leadership Forum, Visla (Poland), June 1st

39.           Rik Peels. (2015). “Are There Any Limits to Science?”, European Leadership Forum, Philosophers, Theologians, and Apologetics Networks, June 2nd

40.           Rik Peels. (2015). “Faith and Doubt”, European Leadership Forum, Philosophers Network, May 31st

41.           Rik Peels. (2015). “The Presumption of Theism”, Joseph Butler Society, Oriel College, Oxford University (UK), May 19th

42.           Rik Peels. (2015). “Blameworthiness and Varieties of Difficulty: A Response to Alexander Guerrero”, Responsibility: The Epistemic Dimension II, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, May 13th

43.           Rik Peels. (2015). “Developing an Ethics of Ignorance”, Meta-ethics and Moral Psychology Study Group, Utrecht University, April 10th

44.           Rik Peels. (2014). “Scientific Arguments against the Reliability of Introspecting Phenomenal States”, OZSW Conference, November 7th

45.           Rik Peels. (2014). “Faith and Doubt”, Workshop on the Nature of Faith, University of Missouri, Columbia (MI, USA), June 27th

46.           Rik Peels. (2014). “Epistemic Justification and Responsible Belief”, Doxastic Agency and Epistemic Responsibility, University of Bochum (Germany), June 2nd-3rd [invited key-note lecture]

47.           Rik Peels. (2014). “Can God Be Jealous?”, European Leadership Forum, Visla (Poland), May 27th [invited talk]

48.           Rik Peels. (2014). “Reply to Thomas Simpson: John’s Epistemology of Testimony”, European Leadership Forum, Philosopher’s Network, Visla (Poland), May 28th [invited talk]

49.           Rik Peels. (2014). “The Presumption of Theism”, European Leadership Forum, Philosopher’s Network, Visla (Poland), May 26th [invited talk]

50.           Rik Peels. (2014). “Scientism and Empirical Arguments against the Reliability of Introspection”, Scientism Workshop, May 16th – May 17th, City University of New York, New York (USA) [invited talk]

51.           Rik Peels. (2014). “A Conceptual Map of Scientism”, All You Need Is Science? Scientism and Our Multifaceted Knowledge of Reality, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam (the Netherlands), January 23rd [key-note lecture]

52.           Rik Peels. (2013). “What Is It to Believe Responsibly?”, Fifth Annual Dutch OZSW Conference, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, November 15th

53.           Rik Peels and René van Woudenberg. (2013). “The Metaphysics of Degrees”, with René van Woudenberg, Workshop Degrees, Graded Membership, Vagueness, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, October 8th

54.           Rik Peels. (2013). “Given the Falsehood of Doxastic Compatibilism, How Should We Construe Responsible Belief?”, University of Bochum (Germany), June 20th

55.           Rik Peels. (2013). “Why Are Atheists Atheists?”, IFES Nordic Staff Meeting, Helsinki (Finland), May 30th

56.           Rik Peels. (2013). “Non-Argumentative Motivations for Atheism”, European Leadership Forum, May 28th

57.           Rik Peels. (2013). “What Motivates Atheists and How Christians Can Respond”, European Leadership Forum, May 28th

58.           Rik Peels. (2013). “Solving the Problem of Moral Luck”, Research Meeting Philosophy Department, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, May 16th

59.           Rik Peels. (2013). “What Drives the Atheist? And What This Implies for Evangelism and Apologetics”, IFES European General Secretaries Meeting, Bischofsheim (Germany), April 28th

60.           Rik Peels. (2012). “A Solution to the Problem of Moral Luck”, Fourth Annual Dutch Conference on Practical Philosophy, November 2nd, Technological University Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

61.           Rik Peels. (2012) “The Possibility and Plausibility of the Existence of a Bodiless Spirit”, Fourth Annual Dutch Conference on Practical Philosophy, November 2nd, Technological University Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

62.           Rik Peels. (2012) “What Are Privacy Rights and in Virtue of What Do We Have Them”, Episteme Conference: Epistemological Problems of Privacy and Secrecy, June 8th, Technological University Delft (the Netherlands)

63.           Rik Peels. (2012) “Ignorance: Its Nature and Philosophical Relevance”, Epistemology Meeting: Doxastic Attitudes, Ghent University (Belgium), January 18th [invited talk]

64.           Rik Peels. (2011). “Tracing Culpable Ignorance”, The 85th Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association, University of Sussex (United Kingdom), July 8th-10th

65.           Rik Peels. (2010). “Epistemic Justification and Indirect Doxastic Voluntary Influence”, University of Technology Eindhoven, December 7th [invited talk]