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  1. "What Are Privacy Rights and in Virtue of What Do We Have Them?" Episteme Conference: Epistemological Problems of Privacy and Secrecy, 8-10 June 2012, Technological University Delft

  2. Ignorance: Its Nature and Philosophical Relevance”, Epistemology Meeting: Doxastic Attitudes, Ghent University (Belgium), January 18th 2012

  3. “Tracing Culpable Ignorance,” The 85th Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association, University of Sussex (United Kingdom), July 8th-10th 2011

  4. “Epistemic Justification and Indirect Doxastic Voluntary Influence,” University of Technology Eindhoven, 7 december 2010

  5. “Why Not to Ground Doxastic Responsibility in Indirect Voluntary Control,” Second Annual Dutch Conference on Practical Philosophy, University of Groningen, 8-9 october 2010

  6. “Grounding Doxastic Responsibility in Indirect Voluntary Influence,” Workshop Praise, Blame, and Free Will, VU University Amsterdam, September 27th-28th 2010 [invited talk]

  7. Problems with Doxastic Compatibilism,” Doxastic Responsibility Workshop, Utrecht University, May 26 2010 [invited talk]
  8. The Nature of Doxastic Oughts,” First Annual Dutch Conference in Practical Philosophy, Doorn (the Netherlands), October 2-3 2009

  9. The Nature of Responsibility,” Moral Responsibility: Neuroscience, Organization, and Engineering, Technological University of Delft, Delft (the Netherlands), August 24– 27 2009

  10. Is Evidentialism Relevant to Doxastic Responsibility in the Face of Peer Disagreement? Response to Richard Feldman,” Responsible Belief in the Face of Disagreement, VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), August 18–20 2009

  11. Commemoration in Christian Liturgy,” Philosophical Reflections on Christian Liturgy, Grand Rapids (IN, USA), June 21–July 10 2009

  12. A Plurality of Doxastic Oughts?” 19th Inter-university Workshop on Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of Zaragoza (Spain), May 27-29 2009

  13. The Nature and Conditions of Belief,” Young European Epistemologists Workshop, Geneva (Switzerland), March 20-21 2009[invited talk]

  14. Varieties of Doxastic Ought,” Colloquium Practical Philosophy, Utrecht University (The Netherlands), February 24th 2009 [invited talk]

  15. On Interpreting Deontological Doxastic Judgments,” Recent Trends in Philosophy of Language and General Analytic Philosophy, Tilburg University (the Netherlands), January 22nd-23rd 2009.

  16. In Defense of Revolutionary Moral Fictionalism: Response to Terence Cuneo and Sean Christy,” Colloquium, VU University Amsterdam, November 27th 2008. [invited talk]

  17. The Varieties of Ignorance,” Second Workshop in Analytic Philosophy, VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam, May 15 2008. [invited talk]

  18. Ignorance as Excuse Condition for Doxastic Responsibility,” Epistemic Agency Conference, Geneva, April 25–26 2008

  19. Doubt-that and Doubt-whether,” First Workshop in Analytic Philosophy, VU University Amsterdam, January 21 2008. [invited talk]

  20. Blissful Ignorance,” The Value of Knowledge Conference, VU University Amsterdam, August 27–29 2007

  21. Zimmermann on Religious Doubt and Faith in God,” International Master Christian Studies of Science and Society Conference 2007, Eck en Wiel, June 5-8 2007

  22. Divine Foreknowledge and Eternal Damnation: The Theory of Middle Knowledge as Solution to the Soteriological Problem of Evil,” The Third International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK), 2-5 August 2005

  23. Divine Foreknowledge and Eternal Damnation: The Theory of Middle Knowledge as Solution to the Soteriological Problem of Evil,” Iowa Graduate Philosophical Society Annual Graduate Conference, The University of Iowa (Iowa City, US), May 6-7 2005