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Academic papers

A. Scientism

The Fundamental Argument against Scientism

Ten Reasons to Embrace Scientism

Is Science Like a Crossword Puzzle?

The Empirical Case against Introspection

Scientism and the Argument from Self-Referential Incoherence

A Conceptual Map of Scientism

B. The Ethics of Belief

Believing at Will Is Possible

Why Responsible Belief Is Permissible Belief

Does Doxastic Responsibility Entail the Ability to Believe Otherwise?

Against Doxastic Compatibilism

Belief-Policies Cannot Ground Doxastic Responsibility

Epistemic justification, Rights, and Permissibility

Why Responsible Belief Is Blameless Belief

C. Philosophy of Religion

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

A Bodiless Spirit

Sin and Human Cognition of God

The Effects of Sin Upon Human Moral Cognition

The Ethics of Belief and Christian Faith as Commitment to Assumptions

Zimmermann on Doubt and Faith in God

Divine Foreknowledge and Eternal Damnation: The Theory of Middle Knowledge as Solution to the Soteriological Problem of Evil

D. Ignorance

Ignorance. Routledge Encyclopedia Entry

What Kind of Ignorance Excuses? Two Neglected Issues

The New View on Ignorance Undefeated

Tracing Culpable Ignorance

Ignorance Is Lack of True Belief

What Is Ignorance?

E. Other

The Metaphysics of Degrees

A Modal Solution to the Problem of Moral Luck

Are Naturalism and Moral Realism Incompatible?

Epistemic Desiderata and Epistemic Pluralism

 Book Reviews

Kevin Diller, Theology's Epistemological Dilemma

Keith A. Mascord, Alvin Plantinga and Christian Apologetics

Stephen J. Grabill, Rediscovering the Natural Law in Reformed Theological Ethics

A. Dole and Andrew Chignell (red.), God and the Ethics of Belief

Peter van Inwagen, The Problem of Evil