Recent paintings and drawings

In addition to philosophy and theology, I love sea fishing, enjoying Renaissance, Russian-Orthodox, and Anglican music, traveling, sailing, reading novels, tasting Scotch, and painting and drawing. Here are some recent paintings and drawings:

Sailing away (drawing, 21x29.5cm 2018)

A Scottish cottage view (acryl, 24x33cm 2018)

Alert (drawing, 29.5x21cm 2018)

Fishing boat on a quiet sea (aquarelle, 42x30cm, 2018)

From the water (aquarelle, 42x30cm, 2018)

Blue tit with glasses (drawing, 21x29.5cm 2018)

Catching oysters (drawing, with pen, 29.5x21cm, 2018)

Flight in silence (drawing, 29.5x21cm, 2018)

Over the rainbow (drawing, 21x29.5cm, 2018)

Bled's village peak (drawing, 21x29.5cm, 2018; Slovenia)

Two's for joy (aquarelle, with pen, 30x42cm 2018)